Watchmac Clever Surveillance for Your Mac

Your Mac can already stop unwanted access out of the box, but sometimes you might just want to know when someone tries to circumvent these measures. For instance, when someone tries to unlock your screensaver but fails to enter the correct password, Watchmac would record this event and could even take pictures using the built-in (or an externally connected iSight).


Characters Unicode in All Its Glory

Characters put the full range of Unicode characters in your hand. You could choose from thousands of special characters not normally available on the keyboard of your iPhone or iPod touch. You could browser characters by Unicode block or category. Or choose from a list of related characters when viewing character details.

justOne Strong Passwords for Everyone

With justOne it was easy to create unique and strong passwords for all of your accounts. You only had to come up with an account nickname and a master password. That’s the only password you’d need to remember, no syncing required.

Sales First Class appFigures Companion

Sales for iPhone was the best way to check your sales figures. If you wanted to see how well your apps sold, or if you wanted to compare last weeks numbers against those from the past months – it was all just one tap away. Or a swipe. Or a turn.