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Study is a place for you to collect and memorize knowledge bits. These can range from vocabulary to formulae or historical dates. Study helps you integrate the sometimes tedious task of organizing and memorizing the stuff you need to learn into your daily routine, making it amazingly effortless to acquire all kinds of knowledge.

Study adapts to your learning progress using a spaced repetition model based on psychological and pedagogical research. The more you answer a card correctly, the less you’ll have to repeat it.

Have It Your Way

Cards are customizable: Whether you like Marker Felt or prefer the more classical face of Times, Study lets you pick any font you like. And if you’re a visual learner, you can colorize your flashcards to include visual cues helping you study more efficiently.

Learn Anywhere

Study for Mac is designed so you can use it both together with Study for iPhone or Study for iPad and alone. Wi-Fi syncing keeps your flashcard database up to date on all your gadgets.


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Feed Your Head

When you first launch Study, we’ll create some stacks for you to start with. You can use them to try Study. Users of previous versions can download these stacks and import them into Study manuall.

And That’s Just the Beginning

We still have lots of feature additions planed, but improvements requested by our users will always have the highest priority. If you want to make a suggestion, get in touch with us.

Study is available exclusively through the Mac App Store

Available on the Mac App Store

System Requirements

  • Study uses new technologies only available in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (10.6.2 or later recommended).

  • iPhone syncing requires a separate purchase of Study Mobile on the iPhone App Store.

  • A working Internet connection is required for activating a Study licence. Activation is necessary for each version update you download.